Wednesday, August 26

The Night Before 6th + 2nd Grade

  • Set up the station box with the assignments for the unit.
  • Forgo the incentive program this year. We ditched it early on last year.
  • Stuff backpacks with some new clothes, books and colored pencils (the backpack fairy comes to our house tonight).
  • Hang the bulletin board up.
  • Fill a drawer with "school" things for our little guy to do.
  • Make a to-do list and plan meals for next week.
  • Figure out where to go for dinner for our "first day of school celebration outing."
  • Register the younger boys for a swim class.
  • Fold the laundry.
  • Read the end of a book I was supposed to have finished a week ago.
  • Cover today's birthday cake and clean up the wrapping paper (S is 3 today!)
  • Pray. Again, on my knees.
God, I am thankful for this gift of teaching and the freedom to exercise it for the best interest of my sons. Where there is confusion, clarify. Where there is emptiness, fill. Where there is knowledge, humble. Where there is openness, teach. This year is yours. Keep reminding me of that. Amen

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