Over the final five years of my homeschooling 'career' I published the following thoughts regarding life as a homeschooler online at (Now,

Special Needs  
Are You Sure He's ADHD?
Admiring My Dyslexic Son
Techniques for the Right Brained Learner  page 50-51 of the magazine.

Perpetual Christmas
Making More of Easter
Holiday Helpings
Family Tradition: Epiphany

Philosophy and Ideas
A Future Not our Own
Work Out to Work it Out
It's Not About Ease
Missional Homeschooling
Every Stage is my Favorite
Finding Homeschooling Mentors
On Being Yourself
Creating School Scrapbooks
How Unusual Days Make for Intelligently Unusual Kids
My Conference Notebook: 8 Years of Listening
Methodology from Jesus:  Why we Use Story
Homeschooling is Not the Hub
If I Was Starting Over Again
How NOT to Talk to a Teacher
Stopping Midstream
10 Burnout Busters That Can Help

Road Trip:  New Mexico
Water Games that Teach  on page 10 - 11 of the magazine
Softening the Summer Schedule
Intentional Summer: A Lesson Plan for You

Excited to Do It All Again
Preschooler Myths
Is My Little Guy Ready?

Perpetual Christmas
When the Day Takes All of You
The Blessing in the Trial
A Mother's Prayer Life

Homeschooling Methods
Coffee Shop School
Six Ideas to Get the Day Started
A Year Without Lesson Plans
Old School Projects Part II
Old School Projects Part I
Timeline in a Box
Curbing Competitiveness in the unit review
Station Box: Method to Tame the Madness
Interactive Toolbox for Kids That Need to Move

Boy Specific
3 Tips for Teaching Boys
Coming of Age
Lessons from Martial Arts
Sports Unit Study
Reading Aloud to Boys
Gender Non-Specific

Homeschool Groups
Co-op Community Building
The Effect of Having a Tribe
Finding Homeschooling Mentors

Stepping Back from Homeschooling
Next Stop, Grace
How to Stop Homeschooling