Wednesday, February 4

Note to Self: Don't Move to this Town Without HSLDA Membership

I'm not an alarmist... far from it. But the very thought of having the school superintendent going door-to-door to collect the truant children makes me cringe a little bit. Here are my problems with this story:
  • He interviewed (searched) a minor without the parent's consent (mom was out shopping).
  • His words: "We're not going to stop fighting for them until we get every single kid." Do they belong to him?
  • "Personal Touch." Is that what we're calling Big Brother these days?
Nevermind the fact that I'd like to have a word with that family who "is going" to homeschool that child. (It's kind of like being pregnant. Either you are or you aren't.)

I feel things both ways here and none of it's good.

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