Wednesday, February 11

Single Parent Homeschooling -- Day 3

On Our Agenda Today:
  • We are reinforcing many of the same ideas from yesterday. We're going to try some experiments with electricity and the boys have embarked on their own projects involving the railroad to the west.
  • Take S to the Dr.?
  • Hear from our tax guy?
  • Find a babysitter for Saturday night.
  • Wash the dishes. Between all the cereal and ice cream we're out of bowls.
High: 45 °F
Low: 30 °F

On His Agenda Today:
  • Gordon Fee
  • Rob Bell
  • Wil Willimon
High: 62 °F
Low: 51 °F

Coping Mechanism:
  • Stay off the computer. We have plans today so we need to get to it. If we're going to get anywhere I need to stay focused on them.

Looking Forward To:
  • Playing with Zach this afternoon (if S continues to perk up).

Canceling Today:
  • Hopefully nothing!


  1. Good Morning!

    How is Hat Trick?

  2. Praying for you all!! When does Chip get back? Do you need anything?


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