Tuesday, February 10

Single Parent Homeschooling -- Day 2

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Day Two

Woke up last night at 11:15, 1:00: 1:30, 2:00, 4:20, 6:15 and 7:30 with S. That's not too bad since he was crying out every 20 minutes for the two nights prior.

Woke Up Today To:

Proceeded To:

Still Dealing With:

On Our Agenda Today:

  • Electricity: How it works and choose projects for the week.
  • Read Aloud-- The Great Brain.
  • The Passion Week of Jesus.
  • Math: Fractions for J and Adding and Subtracting to the hundreds for B.
  • Write a tall tale.
  • Penmanship.
  • Latin.
  • The Railroad to the West Projects

On His Agenda Today:

  • Learning from Christopher Wright
  • Lunch with John Ortburg

Coping Mechanism:

  • Chuck the schedule. When S is sick and nothing else is pressing in on us, we can take all day to do learning activities and take big breaks. Being done by 1:00 is not on our agenda today.

Canceling today:

  • Two Buck Tuesday at the Zoo

Looking Forward to:
  • Movie night with the boys. I hear WALL-E is good.

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