Thursday, February 12

Single Parent Homeschooling -- Day 4

With all the things we needed to accomplish today...

I never expected that we'd park on math.

(Notice how S is already so advanced in math... not. He has a math workbook that is all his to scribble in. Once he saw the other boys had their books out he went in search of his so he could do the same thing. So cute.)

On Our Agenda Today:
  • Declutter ... if I was brave I'd take before and after pictures of the condition of our house. But I'm not feeling like I want to be that vulnerable today. Man, when the cat's away...
  • Cut Some Things... We have a long way to go and it's already lunchtime.
  • Read Aloud (do)
  • Bible (push to tomorrow)
  • Electricity Project (do)
  • Tall Tale (push off)
  • Railroad project (try again next week)
  • New State Study (do)
  • Math (done)
  • Penmanship (done)
  • Latin (push off)
  • Reading (done)
  • Timeline (done)

On His Agenda Today

  • Soak in the National Pastor's Conference as a pastor.

Coping Mechanism:
  • My parents are coming with dinner and entertainment for the boys this afternoon. A break in the structure makes it easier to move through the necessities.

Looking Forward To:
  • Time out on my own. Maybe meeting a friend... shopping for a trip...reading a book.

I'm off to feed the squirrels.

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