Tuesday, February 3

Sometimes I Try to be Too Fun

Today we've got plans.

#1 Take Chip to the airport. His flight left at 6:10 which meant that we had to be up at 4:30 -- so early that the kids weren't quite sure who I was when I shook them awake.

#2 Take the boys to breakfast. I figured, since we had to be up we might as well do this because one low-quality restaurant is giving everyone in America a free breakfast today. I thought, "A fun mom would take them."

#3 Get an early start on school -- and finish early. Being up before the sun with a full belly is a great start to the day. Right?

#4 Work in a field trip. We've done OMSI again and again, but today is a special Teacher Sneak Peak at the new DaVinci exhibit. I can bring the kids, they can explore and I can get them home in time for bed.

#5 Take the kids to dinner. Going out to eat twice in one month is rare for us. Going out to eat twice in one day is kind of a millennial event. But the first one is free remember. Besides, we can't be at OMSI until 3:00 so we'll pretty much play through dinner.

#6 Put my sleepy little people to bed. On time. Read a book. Avoid staying up too late.

We'll see which of these doesn't work out.

#2 isn't faring too well since two of the three squirrels went back to sleep already.

Which probably means #3 won't work out either.


Updated for our results: Aside from #1 we accomplished the spirit of #3 and the whole of #4, #5 and #6... except for the staying up late part. Was it fun? Yep. They actually thanked me for the day today and I got a hug and easy bedtime. Score one for the team.

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