Thursday, January 29

The Rest of our Year

We are going to spend most of the rest of the year walking through U.S. History (from 1865 on) through the lives of the Presidents. We had previously studied the first portion of our history and I suspect that it will come up time and again through the years. But the later part is something that I don't remember walking through very often...especially the 1960's through to current events. Personally, I'm excited to tell my kids all about the 70's, 80's and 90's. At least I can speak from experience at that point.

Here's what the plans look like so far:
Week 22: Lincoln (review), Johnson, Grant
Week 23: Hayes and several days on Electricity.
Week 24: Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland
Week 25: Harrison, McKinley, Roosevelt
Week 26: The Automobile
Week 27: Taft, Wilson and maybe some Harlem Jazz too.
Week 28: Harding, Coolidge, Hoover
Week 29: FDR
Week 30: Truman, Eisenhower and something to be determined.
Week 31 - 33: Space Exploration
Week 34: Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford
Week 35: Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton
Week 36: Bush, Obama and wrap up.

J wanted to study electricity and B wanted to study space so I put those in the appropriate places in the timeline of our study.

We'll continue the boys' Monday Classes in Art and Sports at least through March so those will be half days at home. We love that.

We'll make Fridays a Project Day from now through April so that we can park on some of the fun discoveries and inventions during these terms. I'm looking forward to how the boys respond to a reliable and free form day of the week.

I just worked on our attendance record (because I'm just THAT way) and listed our field trips for the year. Surprisingly, we haven't done very many. I'm hoping for a good road trip though on which we can get all of our field trips out of our system. We'll see.

It feels good to be back on my game.

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