Monday, January 19

Inauguration Plans

My kids and I watched the election results together and that was a good time of answering their questions and listening to them predict who would win based on their own opinions. I think that Inauguration day will be a fun day for us. Dad has the morning off. We are going to watch it and then we'll do some minimal school items like math and reading.

When I was growing up my mom kept my brother and I home from school to watch Inaugurations and Space Shuttle launches. It was the 70's and space exploration was still pretty fresh. We always had doughnuts for breakfast on those days. I remember going to school later in the morning and telling my friends why I was late and they thought it was the coolest thing ever. Me too.

I want to establish memories like this with my kids. So, I'm going to prep a couple things for tomorrow. Kaboose has some ideas to try. So does Crafty Crow.

And of course we'll include the doughnuts.

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