Monday, January 5

Monday Classes

My older two boys are signed up to take two classes for homeschoolers on Mondays at the local community center. The classes begin at 11:15 so we have from 9 - 11 at home to get some basics done. This morning part of our time was spent learning how to paint the Chinese character for "love."

We also made their notebook covers, worked through their math and began reading about Eric Liddell. Then we quickly packed their lunches and left for their classes.

They have art, a little lunch break, and then sports. Today was their first day. It turns out that the "art" class was a little lighter than I anticipated and they spent their time free-painting with black tempura -- which we had sort of just done at home so guess what they chose to paint in class too... I guess they did some art interpretation for a little while too ("What do you see in J's painting?") . I'm a bit disappointed, but I'll give the teacher (a Reed College grad) the benefit of the doubt since she was spitting a crown out of her mouth into the sink when we arrived. It could have just been a day for her.

The sports class was fun for them and luckily a good mix of boys/girls of various ages. They played field hockey in the gym and their coach was the same one they had this summer during basketball camp.

So, for two hours on Monday I have just S to myself. I gotta say, it makes for a nice day. I ran a few errands and cleaned the kitchen while they were in class. Tempting to think about how much I could get done if they were in .... nevermind. I won't go there because it's really not about me.

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