Several years ago we took a chance to live a new story. We were grateful to grow something new out of the old story, the one where we were homeless and wandering, the one where we struggled to parent and to hear from God.  But the story took a turn and it is turning still.

As I've been living into this new season of life I have experienced welcome change. More trust, less fear. More impact, less wandering. I am learning what it means to be an emerging woman Christian leader, for we are all one in Christ Jesus.

I call Denver, Colorado home, but I've been shaped forever by previous days lived in Oregon, Washington, California and Wisconsin. I've put in my time in the English department at California State University and the Christian Education department at Golden Gate Theological Seminary.

I'm married to Chip and we've had the blessed honor of teaching, mentoring, weeping over and rejoicing with the growing people of churches in Orange County, California,  Grass Valley, California and Denver, Colorado. We're a pretty good match.  Love that. Along the way I bore three boy children and I home schooled them for eleven years.

And then suddenly, very suddenly, I stopped doing all of those things and began writing, mentoring and teaching students I didn't birth. I teach graduate students about formation, do theological research for pastors and authors, I ghostwrite a bit and I think a lot about summer. Welcome to my common life.