Tuesday, December 16

Five Things I'm Loving Right Now.

There are some great things happening for us right now and it's hard to focus on school especially with Christmas on the approach. In this last week before we break for Christmas we're just working on finishing things up so we can have two weeks off. I'd be crazy to think the kids are learning anything new right now. So, we're doing some fun review.

5. Love this animated, interactive website. http://edheads.org/
We're working through the simple machines module this week, but you can also learn about the weather and even knee surgery (!).

4. Loved the snow in Portland this week. It amazes me that the city doesn't plow it's streets though! What is up with that? With more snow in the forecast I guess we'll just hang out at home until we completely run out of milk and bananas.

3. Love the Jesse Tree that we're doing in lieu of the advent wreath this year. It entails a short story to read each day and a felt ornament to hang on our "tree" (this thing is full of family history). It does not entail arguing over who gets to light a candle and dealing with the wiggles. Just right before bed or after dinner. We're a couple days behind tho...

We're using this book as our guide and we borrowed a lot of felt ornament ideas from here.

2. Loved our playdate with Anna, Jaden and Jonah Olson yesterday. Our boys had a great time playing together and I just loved talking about life and ministry and kids with Anna. I'm also very impressed that they were willing to venture out on the icy roads! It helped the cabin fever for all of us, I think.

1. Love the potential that lies thick in the air these days. 2009 is going to rock.

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