Tuesday, May 26

Year's End

We have 8 more days of school. We are finishing up:
  • the last four U.S. Presidents
  • math books
  • Latin review (J)
  • letter writing
  • A JFK report (J)
  • government lapbooks
  • a President's Trivia game
  • grammar review (b)
  • skills evaluation (b)
  • and our read aloud... set during the fall of the Berlin Wall.
We also have several field trips next week because we're close to the required 172 days, but not quite there yet. So, as we cross things off our list above we'll spend the rest of our time out and about at:
  • soccer club
  • dragrace time trials (check out Chip's blog soon)
  • park day
  • Young Eagle's day
All I can say is that I'm so grateful Colorado only requires 172 days.

If you have to do an inter-state move mid-year then make sure you're moving to one with less requirements.

Just a free tip.

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