Wednesday, February 27


You guys are awesome! I’m so stoked to get comments. Maybe I should pretend I’m a superstar and do a giveaway? Who’s game for a small male child? {Totally kidding.} Keep them coming! We're half way through!

I added a little poll just for fun. I'm actually really curious what your reasons might be so if you don't see your reason there, add it in your comments. I won't slam you for your answer, because I have been where you are and thought the same thoughts! If we get a clear winner though, I'll try to respectfully address it from my perspective.

Not On Our Agenda Yesterday:
Take J to the Endocrinologist because they had a cancellation and get him tested for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. A lot less fun than going to OMSI.

Of course that made it easier for them to talk me into taking them to Coldstone. You know, for being brave about the blood draw.

On Our Agenda Today:
  • Adjectives that Compare
  • Cursive “S” and “W”
  • Chapter 12 in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.
  • Drawing Aslan for their Dioramas
  • Galatians 3:5
  • Invisible Writing
  • Reading with B
  • How the Eye Works/Rods and Cones
  • Spelling
  • Jesus Heals the Blind:Matthew 9, Luke 18, John 9
On His Agenda Today:
  • Bible Study with Gordon Fee (sheesh!)
  • 25 Minutes of personal time with Calvin Miller (I’m dying here)
  • Expelled
Most Likely Not on his Agenda Today: Christian Yoga with Shelley Pagitt
Today’s Coping Mechanism: Get up and shower and get ready for the day before the older ones are even awake. I don't feel totally behind now.
Looking Forward To:
  • Dissecting a Cow Eye with Jen V!!!
  • Dinner out with my kids
  • NE Homegroup
Yeah, I know dissection and then dinner…. That might not be so good back-to-back.


  1. good poll question. i hope you get some good responses.

    I goofed up and told you today I was to met with Dr. Miller, but it is actually tomorrow.

  2. I have been enjoying your updates...keep um coming. I will miss you at home group, have fun!

  3. I goofed on my goof. I do me with Dr. Miller today.

  4. A cow eye?! Wow! That's impressive. I am always impressed by how your school curriculum is so well rounded -- a little of this, a little of that...from handwriting to literature to etiquette to biology!

  5. On the poll I chose "I like my current job," which isn't exactly the truth. :) I don't know that I would NEVER homeschool my children -- but my reason, which is not listed, is that I was raised by a public school teacher and I really do believe in our educational system, even with all its flaws. My main reason is that I want my kids to be around many kinds of people (socioeconomic, ethnic, racial, religious, etc.) and learn how to be themselves and believe what they believe, even when they are surrounded by different opinions.

  6. Hey! Yoga this morning was wonderful- it kicked my butt. Good, hard exercise, but very relaxing at the same time. I'm going again on Friday...



For two years I have had comments turned off as a discipline to write for myself. I'm seeing the other side. I just ask that you comment with grace.