Thursday, February 28


Things I’ve Learned This Week

  • The eyeball is actually pretty hard to cut through.
  • Just because one person is missing from the house, does not mean there will be less dishes to wash.
  • Perseverance pays off when reading aloud to a six year old who is a reluctant reader.
  • It feels good to run and play soccer with your kids.
  • It just might feel even better to get lots of hits and comments on ones' blog.

On Our Agenda Today:

  • Finishing Adjectives… maybe do some Mad Libs
  • Chapter 14 of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Aslan has made a promise to the White Witch… I can’t bear to think of how J and B will react to what actually comes next.
  • Finishing the dioramas.
  • Spelling tests and memory tests -- and stickers and high-fives all around.
  • Reading with B… somehow we missed it yesterday entirely.
  • Blind Spots and Blindness
  • Jesus heals, er, blind people.
  • Prepare for Friday School.

On His Agenda Today:

  • Bible Study with N.T. Wright
  • Lunch with Dan Kimball (sigh, going back to where it all began)
  • Get a signed copy of Tony Jones’ book for wife
  • What the heck, hit the hot tub for the third day in a row.

Today’s Coping Mechanism: Sunshine!!!

Looking Forward To:

  • REALLY taking kids to OMSI this afternoon.
  • Dinner with the beautiful wives of my DH’s roomies.
  • Hearing from the tax man…hopefully?...please?

1 comment:

  1. What book do you want and I wil get it signed!

    Thanks for the pictures!


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