Tuesday, February 26


Just reiterating that this is blog comment week. It's my adult interaction since DH is gone this week...San Diego... conference... friends... rubbing shoulders... time to read... and shop for more books... a pool -- probably heated... yeah, I'm not jealous. Send me some love. One comment a day is all I ask.

So, My Agenda for Today:
  • Feed the small men.
  • School tasks.
  • Feed them again.
  • Take them out.
  • Really, really try to avoid taking them out to dinner.

Vancouver...Partly sunny. Highs 55 to 60. Southeast wind 5 to 10 mph.

His Agenda for Today:

  • Registration
  • Breakout session with Scot McKnight
  • Other pastory discussions

San Diego...High: 73
Patchy early morning low clouds and locally dense fog with visibility less than one quarter mile at times...otherwise mostly sunny. Highs 68 to 73 near the coast to 72 to 77 inland. Light winds.

Today’s Coping Mechanism: Schoolhouse Rock Videos on YouTube … a great motivator and teaching tool all at the same time.

Looking Forward To:
Taking them to OMSI this afternoon.

Things I Wouldn’t Normally Have Done Yesterday:

  • Move the refrigerator to get a lost marble.
  • Unscrew the entire game to find the marble had actually gotten stuck inside.

Me: Did you see me move that refrigerator?
J: Yea, Mom! I was really impressed!


  1. Tickel the boys for me, please!

    Wow, you moved the fridge. I am impressed too! You can now add that to your resume.

    Make sure you take time for yourself. You need to read and unwind. A cup of amped tea will not cut it all week long.

  2. I wasn't there to see you move the fridge but I'm still impressed. :)

  3. You guys would probably be equally impressed with the GOUGE I put into the flooring too. :-(


For two years I have had comments turned off as a discipline to write for myself. I'm seeing the other side. I just ask that you comment with grace.