Tuesday, February 26

It's Easier This Way

When we had boy #3 we knew we’d be in for more energy. But we never imagined that he’d be so incredibly LOUD. This kid has lungs far more powerful than the other two. It’s not the crying that’s necessarily loud (though it’s getting there). It’s his yelling, his babbling. He is destined for opera, I think.

When he was coming into the world, I really had no clue what school was going to look like. We read aloud A LOT and I tried to introduce J to something called independent study. B wasn’t school age yet, so though we spent at least three days a week doing concentrated activities for about 20-45 minutes, it was flexible.

The biggest hurdle for me was just fighting tiredness and having to stop to feed the baby even if we were on a roll. But somehow we made it, and when we tested J at the end of the year, he was doing great.
Infants are far easier than toddlers to school around. Now he’s mobile and vocal. And those have become the two biggest hurdles. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a sweet interruption, but when he’s awake it’s hard to explain adjectives, to read aloud, to do a Bible story or explain the parts of the eye. But we can do math, spelling, drawing and art, handwriting, and memory work. And when those things are done, we take a break until he’s ready for a nap.

Teaching time happens when nap happens. There’s no other way around it.
(This picture's for you, Daddy)

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