Thursday, February 28


Thanks for being part of blog comment week. There's still time to make your comment count! This is the last day of Homeschooling and the Single Parent. So, let me know what you're thinking and vote in the poll. Thanks for your comment about public school, Sarah. I've been chewing on it.

We are wrapping up a really good week. Here’s some shots of our highlights:

Dissecting a Cow Eye – What other 8 year old does this? It was a good experience. Thanks, Jen for doing the dirty work for me! Maybe I can stomach the next dissection… in about four more years.

Reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – We are almost done with the book now. The boys have really loved it. I’m particularly grateful, for many reasons, that B in particular is liking it. We couldn’t stop after chapter 14 yesterday because it was the saddest part and the boys couldn’t leave it there.
J: “Does he stay dead?”
Me: “Isn’t that usually what happens when people and animals die?”
B: “Jesus didn’t.”
How cool is that to have resurrection so much a part of their reality that it’s ALWAYS a possibility? So, of course we had to read on because they knew what was coming and when it did J let out a great cheer.
The diorama project – This is an art project they have actually enjoyed. They wanted to leave their pieces all “unglued” so they can move their characters around and act out the story. You can tell that someone just had to copy someone else…

OMSI – The exhibit of dinosaurs from China is nice. J was sooo gracious to the docent who wanted to explain to him every detail of the history of the planet from an evolutionist standpoint. I could tell he was uncomfortable and the man wouldn’t stop, so I rescued him by calling him away. J said, “Who cares how old these bones are anyway.” I agree. They are really awesome though (we saw a thigh bone taller than B today).

Math – J in particular rarely likes this subject. It makes him think and follow directions… hard stuff, you know. But this week it was clicking and he was surfing through it all. When we went out to eat on Wednesday night I was trying to keep them from get antsy so I “interviewed” them.
Me: “What was your favorite part of today.”
Them: “MATH!”
Me: {scratch my head and stare dumbly at them}
Them: {giggles}

Friday School – We haven’t even been yet (it starts at 8:30) and I already know it’s going to be our favorite day of the week. J is taking Pirate Geography (taught by yours truly), Survival Skills, and Birds. B is taking Insects, Doodle Art, and Sign Language. S has a spot in the toddler room and I have one hour off in between the classes that I’m involved in to sit and talk to other moms. Our very favorite day of the week.
Better get to it.

His Agenda Today:
  • Take incriminating cell phone photos of Bob doing Christian Yoga.
  • A little more N.T. Wright.
  • Hopefully see his best friend.
  • A long wait in the airport.
Today's Coping Mechanism: Let other people teach my kids.

Looking Forward To:
  • Friday School
  • Bringing him home
{And, yes, my oldest DID wear the same shirt for a portion of three days this week.}


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