Monday, February 25

Day 1 Play-by-play

I won't do this every day, but today has gone along pretty well. No funny stories to tell, or frustrations. The key to getting it done and done well I think is #1 make sure the baby is sleeping and #2 do everything in small bites and only as far as their attention will allow. I remembered these rules today. And it was good.

6:00 baby wakes up. Chip gets him because he knows I have a cold and I will have to be getting him every day for a week. Pretty considerate, eh?

7:00 get the family ready for the day.

8:30 Take Chip to the airport.

9:15 Begin school

  • Read through B’s spelling words with him while J and S snack on some more cereal.
  • Read Chapter 11 in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe aloud. S actually cooperated so we could do this today.
  • J and B choose to work on their dioramas for the LWW. They drew the white witch’s castle to put in their background today. (Seriously, dioramas… we had to do at least one, right?)
  • We go over adjectives together…new for B, review for J. Then they work on a few sentences to identify or add them. S gets loud and can’t keep his mouth off of B. So, it’s nap time
  • J & B practice their memory verse while I’m trying to get S to sleep. J does handwriting practice. (Yes, they actually accomplished something while I was getting the baby to bed).
  • B writes on J’s handwriting paper spurring J to write on B’s drawing page. Time outs all around for disrespecting each other.
  • Giving things another shot, they recover beautifully. We sit down for Bible and book time. Talking about Jesus healing the paralytic today and how people actually become paralyzed. J shows great interest. B gets it well enough.
  • Math is five division word problems for J. B and I work on filling in blanks in an addition table with some old Think it Through Tiles from Discovery Toys.
  • B and I give a half-hearted attempt at reading, but it’s past lunch time and S has just woken up.

J just has spelling left and B just has his drawing book to finish.
Chip calls and says he’s there safe.


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  1. "Chip gets him because he knows I have a cold and I will have to be getting him every day for a week. Pretty considerate, eh?"

    He is! He's been getting me up every morning too... usually before I cry :)


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