Wednesday, March 5

Thus, the Title

So, there is another side to this blog… I just haven’t had the courage to voice it yet. But I did have the courage to articulate a little of it to my man today. So, just to let you know, there’s something percolating in here. It has something to do with this book

which I’m five years behind on reading, but now is the time. It’s helping me organize the stuff that’s been in my head for what seems like forever.

Aside from all that. We are observing a sick day today. And as I went off to an appointment, my husband decided that my sick kids needed to go with him to the skate park. I seem to remember my mother saying many times, “If you’re too sick to go to school, you’re too sick to play outside.” Maybe his mom never said that. Or maybe it’s just one more way in which we consistently break all the rules.

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