Thursday, March 13

As Promised

A couple gems from B, my 6 year old.

This is what he saw when looking under a microscope at a National Geographic trading card of a penguin. It is a very, very good rendition of all the color dot processing that our eyes don't actually "see." He was pretty meticulous about this project.

And then there's the stick figures. I do try to encourage him to flesh out his pictures a little more and I actually asked him to go back and redo this one. We were talking about Jesus healing the paralytic on this day and he was supposed to draw a picture of someone who might need some physical help. He drew the two stick figures. I said, "But I can't tell what he needs help with." To wit he goes back and adds the snot running out of the nose of one and the tissue in the hand of the other. Seriously, I forget what I laughed at before I had kids.

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