Wednesday, March 19

My Secret Weapon Against Burn Out


C'mon we do it at Christmastime (some of you take even more than two weeks!). Why not do it in the spring?

I tell you, it's the best thing EVER. I stumbled upon the idea a couple years ago when I just couldn't get everything done in one week. ("get everything done" -- yeah, it's really only a break for the kids) And it has become the one break I really look forward to.

No Christmas presents to wrap or shopping to finish or things to print and fold and stamp and mail. BUT there's some serious cleaning going on and lots of planning for the rest of the year. And if the weather here hadn't turned sour, there would have been a daily nature walk with the boys.

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter... nothing gets overlooked this way. In fact, this year we began our break last week and we're ending with Easter (as opposed to beginning with Holy Week) and I'm kind of likin' it. Lovin' it.

I took my older kids to see a theater production of "Go Dog, Go" today. It was seriously great. I had read that they didn't really add any words to the book (if you've read it you're scratching your head like I was). And they didn't! Lots of improvisational-type singing, purposeful movements, cool colorful costumes. A great way to show them the theater.

Off to see what all the noise is about downstairs...

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