Thursday, July 1

June Catch Up

Here's what we were busy doing in June.
1.  Making a first (and very short) attempt at a foot race on Hershey Track and Field Day.

2. Hanging out at the Chalk Art Festival in LoDo.

  3.  Chillin'

4.  Earning all those hours for the summer reading programs.

 5.  Swim lessons

6.  Flying Planes

7.  Both of them!

8.  Doing weddings (officiating, I mean)

9.  Hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa.

10.  And just generally hanging out.

11.  Practicing our policing skills.

12.  Some slipping.  And some sliding.

13.  Practicing forms together.

14.  And seeing some of these.

I'm exhausted.  Summer is a crazy time of year for us.  In retrospect I'm really enjoying our homeschooling months when we stick a little closer to home.  But these are the experiences they'll never forget.  So, bring on July. 

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