Wednesday, January 12

New Year Troubles

In this new year I've had a few troubles.

  1. I have a finger that keeps cracking and bleeding.  Same thing, same finger, last winter -- our first in Denver.  Dry, dry air here.  It hurts and it takes months to heal.
  2. I sliced off part of a fingernail last week.  It's all healed up but it was equally painful.  
  3. We slid in the snow and hit the curb, and cracked the rim of our tire. After changing the tire during the snowfall, we had to buy a new rim and now have to re-do the alignment. Stinks.

But seriously, that's nothing compared to a fellow CO homeschool mom who spends her days learning at home with her girls, is incredibly smart, has a knack for speaking and is pushing hard after the kingdom.  Her troubles for the year consist of this:

  1. Out of the blue, had a major stroke. 

I'm humbled and rattled and sitting at the feet of the father today for Joanne Heim.   Won't you join me?

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