Saturday, April 16

Spring Break Starts Now

We are now commencing our two week spring break tradition.  With Easter being so late this year, perhaps we'll actually get outdoors while we're off.  But who knows.  In fact, the best part of our break this year is that I haven't scheduled it to death.  We have things to do this Wednesday.  And that's about it.

I'm wondering if I'm shooting myself in the foot by not having a game plan [insert saying about idle hands here].  Perhaps I should feel compelled to clean the oven or sort the clothes in the boys' closets?  But it's Holy Week.  And I want to leave room for the mystery.

During our second week I'll actually have four days at home alone.  Dh is taking B and S to visit my parents while he attends Q in Portland.  I'm staying behind with J who is attending a charter school.  My job is to take him back and forth to school each day and then hang out with him in the evening.  But while he's away, I have those four days all planned out... gym, coffee/lunch with a friend and some very specific writing time.

Perhaps I know that since two of my boys will be gone soon, I am leaving room to just enjoy them.  They are the sweetness in my life.    Case in point:  that picture above?  It's what I get when my boys ask if they can pick blossoms from our crabapple tree.  I get the entire branch.  Boys and spring just go hand in hand.

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