Thursday, March 5


So, in case I haven't said it plainly enough. We are moving to Colorado to do the exciting thing seen above. (If I was savvy I'd link it to the actual website. No can do.) So, this creates yet one more interruption for our school year. But it's an awesome one so I'm not complaining.

6 more playdates for the kids.
23 days left to pack.
24 days left in Portland.
1 more homegroup night.
1 home inspection.
4 worship services.
1 more chance to preach at evergreen.
1 birthday to plan.
13 more days to work for Target.
1 HOTM submission to write.
1 dentist appointment.
2 more art classes.
2 more Taekwon do classes.
1 more sports class.
11 more days of school at home.
1 good-bye lunch.


  1. Hi!
    I've been following your blog since October I think (I followed a link from
    We used to live near Multnomah Village 2000-02 - so we're familiar with Evergreen's neighborhood... most recently though we lived in Vancouver, WA - we were part of Compass Church - from core team in 04-05 to 2007 - my husband was worship pastor the last couple years or so we were there...
    but now we live in Broomfield, Colorado.
    It's exciting to see a fellow NWer and homeschooler move to Colorado!
    Currently, I homeschool our 6 and 8 year old girls, and we have a 4 year old boy. And my husband is worship pastor at Jacob's Well (in Thornton). Though we love the city - and hope to plant a church in NW Denver/Highlands, something organic and small to start.
    Hopefully it's not too 'woah crazy stalker lady' commenting on your blog...
    At any rate - I'm Priscilla - and you're welcome to visit my blog as well and stalk me a little if you like. ;)
    I hope your journey here goes smoothly, and here's to the adventure of it!:)

  2. Hey Crazy Stalker Lady!

    We know Compass a little. Chip and Micah talked (briefly) about planting churches in Vancouver a couple years ago.

    We should get together when I get there. :-) I need someone to advise me on testing my 5th grader by the end of the year.

    Thanks for coming out of the shadows!


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