Saturday, January 21

Our Group's Co-ops

The homeschool group I'm part of here in Colorado has kind of a two-tiered structure.  There are several regular activities and gatherings that anyone can take part in.  But then there are co-ops -- classes or field trips that families set up and offer for the others.  The arrangement is that if you offer just one co-op then you have access to all the co-ops.  It's a pretty sweet deal.  This term (Feb. - April) there are about 60 classes to choose from.  It's always an internal struggle to say we won't sign up for one every day.

Here are the co-ops that B & S are interested in and that our schedule will allow for

  • Duct Tape Creations
  • 4 weeks of Metal Shop
  • Making Indian Pots
  • 2 sessions of Math Games
  • A Scavenger Hunt at our Nature and Science Museum
  • Outdoor Games
  • Silk Screening
  • Alpaca Farm Tour
  • Seedling Starts
  • Ancient China Experience
  • Fire Station Tour
  • Day Hiking
  • CYT's The Music Man
  • Chess

 Life to the fullest.

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