Saturday, February 11

Good Things As of Lately

Seeing and experiencing so many good things lately.  So, working backwards...

  • A day of silence and solitude at Mount St. Francis in Colorado Springs.  Snowing all day and hovering at 12 degrees.  Thinking through recent questions I've been asked, meditating on perseverance, working through Romans chapter 6 and praying.
  • Star Wars in 3D for dh and the boys at which B posed for a picture with a Storm Trooper who was in full costume.  A huge step forward for my boy who is deathly afraid of mascots.
  • Dinner already in process when I returned home. 
  • Good results from a cholesterol test.
  • Lunch with J who was off school.  Talking about what he'd like more of in his life.  Turns out a trip to Rome is on his wishlist.
  • An invitation for J to go to a friend's house meant I got to the gym after all.
  • Taking S out for Jamba Juice: blue-eyed five-year-old, l's slurring, pen dangling from his belt-loop carabiner, stories of his day in Friday classes.  
Days Prior
  • Making room to connect with new homeschooling friends, 6 months from Canada, for an hour of sledding.  Understanding that February can be the pits.
  • Good reports from J's teachers.  Seeing him strive to meet expectations because he wants to.
  • Getting our van repaired after an honest man's admittance that he damaged it.  
  • Feeling better after a head cold.
  • Speaking with dh on marriage.  Loving the experience.  Noticing my own growth in the two years since we last spoke about it.
  • Hosting a co-op in my home and welcoming my group's families who come from all different religious backgrounds ... finding our commonalities.  
  • B's increased spelling abilities.  Slowly, steadily making progress.

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