Monday, October 8

Show and Tell

In line with my invitation to feel free to ask us about our day, I also issue an invitation to come to what I hope will be our more-frequent "open house" days. We just started them today. My parents were the guests of honor (on their way out of state) and I think we knocked their socks off.

We showed them all the big projects we've completed in six weeks of dinosaur/creation study:

4 dinos made out of clay
3 sketches on the wall
1 4-line poem
2 newspaper/feature stories
1 greenhouse
1 rough draft paragraph about dino teeth
1 final paragraph about Styracosaurus
2 handmade fossil books
1 homemade dinosaur game with 20 trading cards on 10 different dinos
1 "fossil" of the baby's hands
4 creation scientist biographies
A bunch of clay dinosaur bones to find in the sand
2 Powerpoint presentations contrasting creation and evolution
Some memorized Bible verses
And a whole bunch of decorated dinosaur sugar cookies

This is a great way to give the boys a chance to teach some of what they've learned. It's all a part of the learning process. And we all know that we really learn stuff once we've taught it.

And if you don't come for anything else, come for the cookies.

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