Tuesday, October 2

Time to Speak

I'm tired of the stereotypes. I realize that stereotypes come from ignorance and that I, too, stereotype people frequently enough. But I understand my own ignorance and I'm willing to own up to it.

People homeschool for different reasons and in different ways. I do not fit into the mold of homeschooling the way you, dear reader, may think of homeschooling. (See there, I just stereotyped you)
1. I do not homeschool my kids to isolate them or shelter them from society. We attend our weekly worship in a beer pub for Pete's sake.
2. I do not homeschool my kids so I can teach them that global warming is just a scam, that Republicans are God's chosen party, or even that the male is the head of the household. I teach them the opinions and knowledge on all sides whenever I can educate myself enough to do it proper justice. I try to vocalize the phrase, "That's a good question," quite a bit.
3. I do not homeschool my kids because I am anti-public school. It's just that in reality a classroom-based school doesn't have the capacity to customize and teach to the strengths of the child while building up their weaknesses. And I have one child in particular who requires customizing.
4. I do not homeschool my kids so they can think they are better than other kids. I teach them that we are to be servants of all. (Hopefully they'll actually catch on one day)
5. I do not homeschool my kids so that I can think I am better than any other mother. We all take our own path. Parenting is one huge experiment and I am inspired by many, but I learn from all.

I cannot speak for other homeschoolers. We are all trying to do good work, but we are all different. Please don't put us all in a box together.

I have tried to find a homeschooler's blog out there that comes from a woman operating in a missional context. I haven't found it. So, I guess this is it.

I don't have time for this. But I've been pushed over the edge.
It's time to speak.

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