Saturday, May 31


We’re down to the end. The boys are thinking of summer and as J put it, “freedom!” Oh, my son, me too. Me Too. But there are things to finish yet.

J is finished with math for the year. But he has a full week of handwriting, chapter book reading (7 chapters to do in five days), memory verse review, geology vocabulary, map learning and lots and lots about how mountains are shaped.

B is working on his last 8 lessons of math, two phonics readers, map learning, grammar exercises, geology vocabulary, memory verse review and the same stuff about how mountains are shaped.

I’m sorry it’s not a week of parties and watching movies like my last weeks always were. – O.K. not really.

J has one more thing as well. He has to start and finish a report. I think it’s imperative that we end the year on it because he will be doing several next year and he’s yet to do just one. I can tell it is frustrating him to think of writing something three pages long (5-7 paragraphs). So, I asked him last night if he would like to consider stretching this report out for about a month. We can finish everything else this week and then a couple times a week in June we can just sit down and gather information and put it together in a cohesive way without the pressure of finishing and having a bad experience now, in this last week.

Sounds like I should say, “last week” because I think we just extended our year.

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