Thursday, May 1

A Ton of Stuff Going On

I remember in high school I was involved in seriously 128 different things at once. (That's only a slight exaggeration). But I loved every second of being busy and purposeful. I've had months like that since then, and I'm having one right now, but this one is kicking my bum. So, I'm very glad that May is here because I think that by the end of May I may actually get to sit back and read a book or something else inactive.

[Let's all laugh together at that because there's no way that's going to happen.]

Moving. We are making good headway in unpacking our lives. I'm at the point where if it's not unpacked then it's not necessary and I know of a good garage sale coming up soon to donate these unncessary things to. Seriously, when you have to go back and make another trip because it all wouldn't fit in a 26 foot truck it makes one's stomach queasy from the materialism.

Schooling. We are wading through our stewardship unit. On paper this was going to be a really great unit, but it's pretty lackluster in the application of it all. Right now we're studying money...well, economics on an elementary scale. And my firstborn (who desires to be rich and powerful by the time he's nine) is not taking to it like I thought maybe he would. We've talked about interest and different savings accounts and credit and now he's writing checks and keeping a check register... maybe I've popped his bubble a bit and he's realizing money isn't all fun and games. My middle son, other than gleaning from the information his brother is getting, is really just getting a good feel for what money looks like, why it's designed the way it is and how much good he can do with it.

As we wrap up the year in about five weeks (yep) I'm beginning to pay attention to the holes we've left behind. Language Arts is a big hole. We've done grammer and punctuation and comprehension and everything well...except writing. We need to do more writing. It's such a battle with son #1 that I tend to shy away from it whenever I can. My curriculum says he should have written two reports this year. Not going to happen. (I don't remember writing an actual researched report until 6th grade...I did it on Mexico). So, as we come into convention season I'll be looking into the IEW program. I think it's time to give writing some focus and hopefully it'll work with my ADHD tactile learner. ?? (Input from others' experience here would be great).

Co-Op. It's been a rash of emails this week back and forth on our board for the First Class Central Portland Co-Op. We are busy!! I set up a library window display to give us some community "air-time," we are all busy editing our membership packet information, designing letterhead, updating the database and website, fine tuning our philosophy and looking foward to a fundraiser garage sale in about two weeks. If you know homeschoolers in Portland, point them to We're having another informational meeting May 31st. That will be a big one, (we hope we hope).

We're out tonight for Presentation Night, the official end of our Friday School session. The Pirate Geography class isn't presenting, but we have a very cool display of work. 6:00 Life Point Church in Vancouver if you're interested in seeing what we're all about!

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