Friday, July 18

Dead Language

My husband is reading Eldest to J and as a result J is interested in making his own video version of the definitions of some of the words. We've filmed a few words. Now I just need to let him loose on the editing.

I've been wanting to get J working through a foreign language for a while, but I figured I would wait until he seemed interested in one or in the process of learning one in general.

My DH suggested that this might be a good year to begin a language study since he's interested in the "ancient language."

Hmmm. So, I brought it up to J.

Me: Dad and I were wondering if you'd like to begin learning a foreign language this year.

J: {thinks a bit} Sure, as long as it's a dead language.

Me: Oh?

J: Yeah. What are some languages that no one speaks anymore?

Me: {my practical side is mourning} Well, there's Latin or maybe Biblical Greek.

J: No one speaks Greek anymore?

Me: Not Biblical Greek. It'd help you read Scripture. Latin might help you if you go into sciences one day. Or it helps you win spelling bees.

J: {thinks}

Me: You sure you wouldn't rather speak one that you could practice with someone...Spanish. German. French is almost dead.

J: Russian would be good.

Me: {Aha! I'm understanding that it's not about the language, it's just about saying the edgy thing to me} Then again, you don't have to learn one.

J: Yeah, that'd be fine.

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