Wednesday, July 30

14 Years

I never thought I’d homeschool my kids. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure that I’d have kids. I wanted to live in a loft in NYC and work in marketing and make life all about me.

But then one Valentine’s Day I went on a first date with this guy I had known for years and, to be honest, never really liked all that much. I was concerned about who he chose as friends, his unpredictability and frankly his direction in life. It turns out that he, in turn, thought I was a snob.

It’s amazing how things change. And that people like us became parents of three little men whom we are trying to teach to be focused, to choose good friends and to know that life isn’t all about them. It’s sooo complex and I can only imagine how much harder it would be to send them away for 6-7 hours a days and still be able to accomplish it.

I could NOT do this without the support of my husband who works at a job he is dispassionate about simply because he is passionate about his family and wants to support us. It’s the ultimate act of love.

I get that.

I could NOT do this without him listening to me ramble about how J needs to do more of this and B is not understanding this and I think that this certain method could work for one but I’m not sure how to integrate the other into it and then there’s always S who seems to complicate things and yet…

He simply says, “You’re doing a great job.”

I could NOT do this without him taking the reigns on the occasional afternoon, cleaning the house because I let it slide until all the other work is done, going to bed without me on Sunday nights because I’m up late prepping for the week, encouraging me to keep on when I absolutely say, “I’m done,” taking the little one out of the room so we can work without him tackling us, and all the other zillion things that he does to support and protect our homeschooling endeavor.

Today we celebrate 14 years of marriage.

And just 14 more years of homeschooling to go.

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