Friday, August 1

How the Co-op is Going

I mentioned a while back that I and a couple families are starting a homeschool co-op in the fall. A co-op is an organized way of pulling together and teaching each other's kids in a group setting. This co-op could get really large and it caters to all ages through high school. To date, we have 28 families and 69 kids registered! I am putting together our catalog for the fall over the next two weeks. Here's what we have so far:

The Wonders of the World (1-3)
Sign Language (1-3)
Introduction to Spanish (1-3)
Biblical Truth Science Experiments (1-6)
Wonders of the World (4-6)
American Revolution History Pockets(4-6)
Flight (4-6)
Letter Writing (4-8)
Ready, Set, Draw (4-8)
Cardmaking (4-12)
Jumping Jacks & Jills (4-12)
The Laws of Cooking (7-12)
Pride & Predjudice (7-12)
Speech (7-12)
Spiritual Transformation (9-12)
Worldviews in Conflict (9-12)

There are a few more in the works and tomorrow is our deadline for class applications. We still need a nursery lead teacher and a Preschool lead teacher and two more classes for 1-3 graders. Other subjects (like sports and music) can be added as well to really round us out.

Tell your homeschooling friends to check us out at First Class Central Portland.

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