Thursday, August 21


We had friends over last night to begin a community homegroup and it was so nice to hear some new stories and embark on something new together.

As we were eating dessert and chatting my sons were entertaining themselves in their room. After S was put to bed there was more adult chatting and some praying.

And after the adults went on their way home J & B showed us what they had been working on. They were recording B "reading" a book into a tape player. After every sentence there was a click where it was obvious that J was telling B what the sentence said so he could say it into the microphone himself.

B's voice on that tape is what captured me. He sounded strong and sure. He never stumbled. He sounded older. And it was a bit of a glimpse of B in the future.

I have never seen B so excited about reading than he was last night after we listened to that tape with him. He couldn't wait to get up and do it some more with J this morning. This is the breakthrough I've been waiting all summer to happen. B has finally figured out -- reading is fun.

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