Monday, October 20

Next Up

We're going to do a unit on George Muller and the U.K. Here's some of the ideas I have so far:
  • Read the YWAM Biography of George Muller aloud.
  • Make several maps in a variety of ways: labeling the British Isles, flip books of each region of the UK and even the topographical salt dough map that I've never really wanted to do badly enough (and really still don't but it seems like a rite of passage that each student must conquer. How we'll actually do it while S is awake is beyond me).
  • Draw the national symbols of each region (I'm learning that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not actually countries -- correct me if I'm wrong. I've been researching it for a while tonight.)
  • Read "You Wouldn't Want to be a Victorian Servant" because it looks like an interesting way to broach the subject of child labor and "You Wouldn't Want to Be a 19th Century Coal Miner" because it looks like a kid-friendly way to get a feel for some historical reality.
  • Watch a travel DVD of England and Wales.
  • Study a little Wordsworth poetry and write some of our own versions.
  • Read an abridged version of Oliver Twist.
  • Visit/volunteer at a local shelter/mission.
  • Think about some of the inventions that came out of the U.K.
  • Study the Industrial Revolution.
  • Learn some of the vocabulary of the Brits.
  • Traditional Foods.
Are there any other ideas that you can think of? I'm hoping they have fun with it!


  1. You could do a fun food quiz about different words in British English vs. American English: biscuits, crisps, chips, pudding, etc.

    I have a good Yorkshire Pudding recipe that the kids would probably like.

    Also, I was an adult before I realized the difference between the meanings of "Great Britain," "The United Kingdom," and "England."

  2. Nice. Good idea.

    Yorkshire pudding! I'd love to make some of that. I doubt my kids would actually eat it, but they'd probably help me make it! Maybe they'd eat it without the gravy...


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