Monday, April 6

A Homeschooler's Move

I unpacked the school things today. We have a ton of space (and old kitchen cabinets) in our big ol' laundry room. We can store EVERYTHING in there. And by everything I mean...
  • 12 boxes of books and supplies that I unloaded into the existing cabinets as well as the craft cabinet and bookshelf I brought with me.
  • 4 more boxes of books that we are not currently using... but S will.
  • 12 boxes of completed work from the boys since we began (and we're only on year 7!)
  • 2 boxes of homeschooling files.
So if we didn't homeschool we'd have 30 less boxes and two less pieces of furniture to cram into that UHaul.

Is it all worth it?


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  1. A school friend is writing a paper about homeschooling-I used you as an example that there are normal, non-scary ppl homeschooling their kids. ;-)


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