Monday, April 20

Picking up Some Pieces

We've begun our school days again. A whole week is behind us now. Monday was a short day as we went to do a service project with our new co-op. Friday was a snow day in which we only accomplished the bare essentials.

Today is going well. We had some good discussion about JFK and MLK and math didn't take hours. Part 2 of our day is coming up in a few minutes after I piece together some unfinished things I have to tend to. finding a new grocery store.
...dealing with a bank issue.
...figuring out how to to meet up with a guy so we can buy his couch.
...putting things away that were left out due to my yucky stomach illness this weekend.

The stuff of normal life.

And yet today I think my life is supposed to be interrupted.

Because I am a transplant in a new place I choose to make myself a student of the culture around me. I had the chance last night to hear the real-life struggles of several new friends...upbringings that would make you cry and health issues that seem so completely uncalled for. And it hit me again that we were not moved here to begin a glamorous life doing the thing we always wanted to do, but to do the things that are the hardest to do. I'm glad that in these past five years I have learned how to cry, because doing it well here may very well be my calling.

Today, the culture is mourning as well. The Columbine High School shooting was 10 years ago today. At that time I worked as a church office manager when one of the youth group girls called my office bawling and frantic that I had to turn on the t.v. and pray that God would save the people in Littleton. I watched from a thousand miles away and prayed that he would do exactly that. The fact that today I live there -- just six miles away -- is surreal to me.

In the middle of the stuff of normal life I realize that my little pieces are minuscule compared to God's big picture of redemption. But in some mysterious way, my little pieces help put it all together. I never imagined that I'd be put in this place, praying this prayer, crying these cries but it's my calling for the day.

And now the other "calling" wants lunch.

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  1. Way to go adjusting to the culture-so crazy that you are in "That" Denver.


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