Wednesday, June 3

5th Grade Report

I had a hard time deciding last year if we could really afford to buy IEW's writing program. I was looking at buying the whole ball of wax so it was a bit pricey.

But now, at the end of our year, I think it was the best purchase we've made yet. My son who hates to write just finished a 3+ page report on the life of John F. Kennedy. And its GOOD.

The report has been about a three month project (with about four weeks off in the middle while we studied space) and there was only minimal whining on his part.

IEW makes the writing process so easy for him to follow. It helps him understand how NOT to plagiarize, the coolness of going back to edit and tweak, and it gives him the skills and confidence to produce solid, clear writing. I bought the DVD set so Mr. Pudewa teaches him the skills rather than me trying to do it myself. He's a much more patient teacher than I am (of course his class is much less ADD than mine).

My son wrote a report. I'm absolutely thrilled.

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