Saturday, June 27

Intentional Rest

This summer isn't quite the relaxing time I had hoped for so far. These first few weeks have been filled with great, meaningful stuff. I mean how can you go wrong with a Park and Rec party...summer reading kickoffs...a week-long online ministry park day...Tae Kwon sessions...worship...a killer book sale...a day at the lake...a home educator night...a wildlife tour...a visit from my folks...a spraypark...a surprise visit from Portland friends...Junior Police Academy...dinner for friends who had a hard week...

I supposed it's possible to overdo it even though it was all wonderful. This introvert needs serious recharge time.

Today made up for all of the busy-ness and even without a nap I was able to rest. I had breakfast with a friend that lasted until lunchtime. Then, DH decided to institute Quiet Reading time for the older boys while the youngest napped (genius!), I worked on photo albums, began reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle aloud to B and J, had an early & easy spaghetti dinner, took a family walk that was just shy of five miles (!), and there's still time to read a book.

Today had all the elements I love about summer: long conversations, time with my kids, exercise, the outdoors, my happy husband, cooperation... and right now the pink sunlight is bouncing off the clouds over the Rockies.

I need to have more days like this.

Because on Monday there's soccer, Taekwon Do, team pictures, a baseball game...

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