Monday, July 20

A Summer Geography Lesson

My husband surprised me with a trip for two to Great Britain to celebrate our 15th anniversary. We leave soon and I'm so excited.

One of the neat things about this trip is that the boys and I studied Great Britain last year and so we are familiar with some of the sights and history of it.
  • We studied the life of George Mueller and all that was happening during the Victorian era.
  • We searched online for some of the more mysterious places in GB (and there are quite a few!).
  • We learned that England gave us the magnifying glass, the Christmas card, the stapler, the piggy bank, the postage stamp and the television.
  • We read "Daffodils" and wrote our own poetry.
  • We colored maps of the area and even learned how far reaching the Victorian Empire was.
  • We learned that twice as many of its people claim to be of no religion than those who claim to be Christian.
  • We learned the difference between the British Isles, Great Britain and England/Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland.
  • We put ourselves in the shoes of a Victorian servant and a 19th century coal miner.
  • We learned about the life of Queen Victoria.
Homeschooling has been so beneficial for the boys for so many reasons. And now I'm reaping a personal benefit having been prepared a bit to experience a culture firsthand. I wish I could take the boys so they could see it all firsthand as well. But that's not the purpose of this trip.

If I can figure out HOW, I'll try to post pictures.

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