Thursday, July 23

We're in This Together

My post is up at Heart of the Matter today: How NOT To Talk to a Teacher. It seemed important after I began to evaluate all the conversations I've had with folks who are classroom teachers. Of my friends who are/were classroom teachers:

  • One has completely lambasted homeschooling.
  • A couple have accepted that I teach them at home, but have reservations.
  • Some recognize what I do as a legitimate option but believe strongly in the institution too.
  • A few looked at me in awe when they found out I homeschooled and said, "Wow. I could never do that."
  • Most have strongly encouraged me in my endeavor and regularly ask me, "So how it is going?"
  • One is no longer a classroom teacher because she pulled her kids out so she could teach them at home.

I'm okay with all of these responses. The relationships are more valuable to me than the differences in educational philosophy. Sometimes, however, homeschoolers can be a bit insulting toward classroom teachers -- though I've seen it go both ways. (Most of the ugliness I have seen happens in the blogging world.) It will not serve us well to build walls up. Assuming the worst in one another will not get us anywhere. This is just a gentle reminder.

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