Sunday, December 20


I just had to move that last post down a bit, lest you think I'd turned into a homeschooling naysayer. Nope, just experiencing a dose of reality.

I can feel Christmas break moving in now. The past two mornings have felt like possibility rather than pointlessness and we are relaxed. Whew.

So, now what?

  • We're going to go check out the Christmas Wonderland at the Bass Pro Shop (?) in Denver today and maybe a living nativity tonight.
  • We have one more day of school to do tomorrow so we can put to bed our unit. We'll actually spend a good chunk of it watching the movie version of our read aloud, Journey to the Center of the Earth. (Which seems like a better idea than watching Elf like my son did during his Friday classes this week.)
  • We're going to see a ballet version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas on Tuesday.
  • I'm contemplating taking the boys to An Interactive Christmas Carol on Wednesday.
  • We were looking forward to a Christmas with just the five of us but, instead, company will be here on Wednesday night. The boys will like that surprise.
  • I'm looking for tickets to go to Portland in February. It will be nice to see some friends and my parents again. If I do this now, I can put the "plane tickets" in the boys' stockings and surprise them.
  • I'm finishing up making something for my husband today and some other gifts for local friends.
Christmas break, seriously, could not have come at a better time.


  1. We're going to White fence farms Wed nite, I hope to make it to the los posados at the fort on Thursday nite, and we're thinking about taking a trip to Yellowstone after the weekend.

    Have fun at your nativity, we had a great time at our 2.

  2. You guys stay so busy and your activities seem like SO much fun! Can you home school me? Please?


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