Friday, March 5

"Reading Aloud to Boys" and Examining Your Core

I have a few things up at Heart of the Matter this week.

In the March Magazine issue My article on reading aloud to boys is on page 17. Reading aloud is an intentional time for us. It's not about educating them so much as it is about parenting and connecting with them.

There is also a collaborative article on "How We Teach Reading" I tossed my voice into it on page 30. You can see how different my two school-age boys really are.

Lastly, on the HOTM blog I have a post about keeping homeschooling OUT of the center of your life. There is absolutely zero strength to be found in homeschooling. (And the curriculum you use won't provide it either). The core of who we are must come from a much stronger source if we're really going to do this.

Have a great weekend!

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