Wednesday, March 3

A Tiny Little Epiphany?

So, we had this really great day of learning today.

Due to their sickness last week, a couple field trips, and some make-up work for their weekly Options classes, the boys had a full docket of things to do.

And they did it.

J moved from project to project with ease and independence. B only moved through a couple things but he was fully engaged. S just copied what B did. (ha!)

I had a small motivator for them. The new Lego magazines had arrived and we also wanted to go to the park with friends because the SUN IS OUT in Colorado today. (Well, the sun is always out, but the warmth isn't.) So, I said that if we move through our activities well, we can have these things that we want.

J rocked it today. He didn't rush through things, he learned them. He didn't whine and complain, he just picked up the next book. I was amazed. And then I wondered...

...maybe he would do well with even more independence.

? Maybe?

Lately, I've not been the prep queen that I have been in the past. And I'm wondering today if my recent fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants methods may actually be one of the triggers that frustrate him. Today I happened to be organized and ready and it freed him to work at his own pace.

Could it be that my highly distractable child is actually more of an independent learner than I thought?

Or could it just be that the sun is out in Colorado today...

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  1. Well, the sun helps :)

    James's fav thing to say is 'in structure there is freedom.' You had the structure and there was a goal and thus freedom ensued, seems to work for us.


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