Friday, April 30

The New Reality

We have done our research.  We have sought outside help.  We have evaluated where we're at as a family and where we want to be.  We have considered all the needs of all of our children (and their parents).  We have let this decision sit for a good year.  We have prayed.  We have cried.   And we have come out on the other side with peace.

Next fall, my oldest will be going to seventh grade at a small charter school here in town.  I have home schooled him from the beginning.  I have prepared him, loved him, pushed him, prayed for him, encouraged him, led him to knowledge and now it is time for him to drink for himself. 

I think his new wings will be broad and purposeful.

Thank you for your grace.


  1. As our oldest is entering fifth grade next year, we're beginning to have these conversations ourselves. It's a bit inspiring to see someone walking a similar path.

  2. And if this path isn't the best, you already have a safety net of homeschoolers to fall into :)

    Lots of people have HS and PS kids at the same time, because just like picking curriculum you pick what works for your child.

    Isn't that great?!

  3. I'm excited to see where your new journey leads you! Hmm...what will your next blog title be...

  4. Thanks.
    I don't have to change the blog title yet. I'll still have B & S at home.
    However, I have been thinking about changing it up anyway. Just not sure to what yet.


For two years I have had comments turned off as a discipline to write for myself. I'm seeing the other side. I just ask that you comment with grace.