Thursday, April 15

What's Good About Thursday

1.  It isn't Tuesday. 
Tuesday was a killer of a day for my oldest.  I found out that he hasn't done one of his subjects for a MONTH.  Seriously.  A month.  He's just been telling me it's done and I've just been wondering why it's taking so long to get through it.  It was my attempt at letting him be an independent learner.  I should have been checking his work, I know.  But, for crying out loud, he's in sixth grade and it's an easy assignment every day.  (Perhaps it's too easy and seems like busy work?)  In the end lying to me for a month breaks my heart more than the fact that he hasn't progressed through the topic.

2.  It's tax day. 
I have some friends who owe 10K to the government this year.  We were on the other end of that and received a return which we are very grateful for.  Aside from all that it's free kids meal day at Claim Jumper (and more free stuff at Cinnabon and Starbucks and Maggie Moo's) so we're going out to eat tonight.  DH and I can share a meal and get out of there for a steal.

3.  It's my Friday. 
The older boys have classes away from home on Fridays.  Recently I have found myself purging the basement of all school-related items every Thursday, happily bringing in my weekend and putting all thoughts of books and projects out of my mind.  Our family room is so much more relaxing when you don't have to sit on colored pencils and I look forward to Fridays with just my little guy, my gym class and, if I plan it right, a couple hours of quiet while he naps. 

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  1. Not doing something under your nose reminds me of a 3 y/o Joel. I had a bag of Reese's in the pantry and one day they were gone. I knew I didn't eat them and Joel said he didn't. Months later I found a stash of wrappers hidden in a cooler, uh-huh, sneaky.


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