Thursday, May 27

Summer Reading to the Boys

Reading aloud is not an academic pursuit in our house; it's the way that we parent.  The teachable moments and shared experiences through story-telling are priceless.

We always begin our school days with me reading aloud from a chapter book; we are finishing the The Elephant Man tomorrow as we finish up our study of the Human Body.  (This particular edition is wonderfully written by the way).  This summer, we'll continue our bedtime reading aloud (I am reading through the Lord of the Rings to J and DH is reading through Chronicles of Narnia with B).  But, I also want to do a morning read-aloud with all of our boys.

I think I'm a bit wistful about seeing J off to school in the fall.  Continuing the daily read-aloud seems even more important now than ever.  I want to read a few coming-of-age stories that we can discuss together.  I also want to read a few stories that are pure fun.  Here are the options I've come up with:
The Borrowers
Danny: The Champion of the World
The Penderwicks
Tiltawhirl John
Tuck Everlasting
The Phantom Tollbooth

What are you favorite summer read-alouds?

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  1. Oh my, yes: Phantom Tollbooth is fantastic! [smile]



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