Wednesday, December 22

Christmas Break

Two nights ago I woke the older two boys up in the middle of the night and invited them outside to watch the eclipse.  We laid huddled together in hats and thick blankets and let the universe do its thing.  We joked about the cold, made up acronyms for each other, looked for constellations and just waited for the first phase to finish. It's amazing how entertaining it was.  Of course, staying up late is a fun treat for all three of us.  We let Dad and S sleep.  To each his own.

We did two days of school this week to finish up our unit study on communication.  One day was spent watching  the Doctor Dolittle musical (we just finished the book).  The next day we finished some art and a book about Helen Keller, finished up a newspaper page, plugged through math and reviewed some timeline cards. We were going to then watch the Miracle Worker, but Christmas break was calling and we wanted to be done.  So we put on Christmas music and read Christmas books and made cookies instead.

It's going to be a quiet Christmas here with just the five of us.  It will be interesting to find out what our own traditions become.  There's no snow in Denver this year but one son is getting a gift that may require a drive up to the mountains to play for a day.  Other than that, I expect to keep going through my reading list.

May you find ways to enjoy what the season has in store for you.

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